Monday, 23 May 2011


I appear to have forgotten to update for the last week! I have no real excuse, apart from being stuck into my crochet in the evenings, so spending less time online.
Steve had his eye op on Tuesday and had to stay overnight as he had a wheezy reaction to the anaesthetic. He unfortunately has to keep his face down (chin to chest) all the time for at least a week which means that he has a sore neck and can pretty much only play on his DS!
We've had playdates with Nyree et al. Mildred the Kitten is the dark tortoiseshell seen here.

Cake club was at Tabi's new house which is lovely
On Saturday Tilda had a fairy and pirates party at the leisure centre - she wore her Tinkerbell dress and stood out amongst all the pink!

Also - progress on my shawl this week,

Todat Grampsy came over for lunch and I've made some bread. Not much else doing!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ok - showing off a little bit

I finished my Cassandra shawl!!!!! Normally I am the Queen of UFOs!

and this is the next project - Gathering Leaves
using Kauni Effektgarn in the EQ (rainbow) colourway.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Well, now that Blogger is working again,

lets add some more pictures on.
On Wednesday we went for a walk with the gang up to the lock where we had a picnic. The bigger kids spent most of their time chucking mud into the river and getting really, really filthy. Part and parcel of being four, I reckon. The tide mark on the bath showed she had a good time! Rowan was her usual rock-star self and sat in the wagon with her shades on, taking it all in!

Thursday was a bit of a pyjama day - I recieved a black and white indio wrap that I had traded for my plum elipsen and its really rather lovely. Here it is with the rest of the stash.


Yesterday Tilda's Timbuktu Ocah Doll Sling arrived and she seems quite taken with it. We went to Sarah's for cake-club then briefly stopped in at Nyree's to say hello to the kittens and to collect Nyree's blocking wires for when I finally finish the Cassandra shawl - I'm about four rows away now but they are very long rows, so they take a while to get through - a couple of hours each!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A long overdue catch-up

I tried yesterday, but I couldn't get Blogger to work properly. Ah well!
Friday was cake-club at Laura's. It was nice to have Nyree there! I managed to kick the wagon with my little toe and ended up with a purple, poorley foot. humph.
Saturday - Nyree and squidlets came for the afternoon.
Sunday - we did the entire week's shopping on foot using the wagon and trolley! Tilda went for a very short ride on her bike - it hurts her wrists apparently!
Monday - waited for the wagon canopy to arrive. Its really good, but does render the entire thing huge! It certainly makes doors difficult! We took a trip to the chippy to try it out and Tilda sat in the shade to eat hers. I wish I fitted!
Tuesday - I had the dentist in the  morning to replace a filling that has fallen out four times. I think he did a better job this time, but the anaesthetic has worn off now and it feels a bit sore. We collected my parcel of wool from the post office - Kauni Effektgarn EQ. There was a surpise 50g ball of the black/grey colourway in there too and I'm thinking it might look good with the rainbow. hmm.

Tilda has been practising tandem wrapping and we are waiting to hear from Steve. He thinks his retina has yet another tear.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Quite hard work, actually.

Pulling the wagon, that is! After going to the council offices to vote, I took the Girls to Nyree's house, along the Nutbrook trail, by the side of the canal to Dockholm Lock and accross. It was actually quite hard work, pulling it along the cyclepath, which is kind of compacted loose chippings on the top of the floodbank. This is where the air-tyres of the metal models would come into their own, I suppose. Besides getting a bit wet though when the Heavens opened, it wasn't too bad. My arms and calves will probably be killing me tomorrow! On the way home, we came along the streets and it didn't feel as far, despite being a longer distance, as there was that much less friction to contend with!
I had a couple of holds of the Kittens at Nyree's. Mildred is beautiful and is just starting to walk. All three are wonderful and so sweet!

Tilda fell asleep on the way home and refused to be moved when she got back, so woke up with dead legs. Will have to work on what to do about that if she does it again!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wagons Roll!

Well since Parcelforce refused to redeliver unless I paid £5.50 and then waited another four days, I took the girls to the post office to collect. I had to tie it onto my shopping trolley frame with bungees, with some effort we got it home! I managed to put it together with Winnie wrapped on my front, then we took it on a maiden voyage to Asda. It makes a good dolly bed when not in use too!

Also arriving today was the Crazy fish (Pesci Pazzi) wrap that I traded for my Ocah. We have a matching doll sling too and its very similar to the colours in Eva.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Fun Club May '11

No pics today, I'm afraid.  We went to the Fun Club this morning - a local Home Ed group (Christian, but we'll cope - I didn't spontaneously combust upon entering the hall). Today they had lots of boxes of artefacts loaned by the Museum Service and the older kids were split into groups where they looked at the objects with some elderly people who had memories of using them - a really lovely idea! We were upstairs with the little people who weren't really very interested - we were talking about old toys vs new ones and pretty much everyone ended up playing with playdough!
After the activity, we came down and had lunch together in the main hall which is really nice. Tilda did a fair bit of running about and came home happy. I came home with blisters from my (normally fine) El Naturalista shoes, so I'm not impressed. Had to buy cheap flipflops on the way home! We posted our OCAH sling off to Beth and are awaiting a new Pesci Pazzi tomorrow! Steve is also expecting his own Ocah - a plain black wrap conversion.
We missed the delivery of my wagon - stupid Parcelfarce - so I'm guessing that despite my asking for redelivery tomorrow on their website, it won't get here until Thursday.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunday BBs (Bacon Butties)

Had a lovely morning at Donna's with a big pile of bacon sandwiches. Tilda and Louis played (mostly) beautifully! Steve had a try with Donna's new OCAH and declared it to be an extrememely comfortable HIT!