Thursday, 31 March 2011


A busy day here today!  First of all, after a yummy berry smoothie,

we started making bookmarks for Mother's Day presents. Then the postie arrived with a new, bargainous wrap. I am being a seriously hypocritical wrap-ho by getting one as I fell out with the Evil woman and swore I'd never wear another, but it was super-cheap, so principles? meh.

We also recieved some wonderful wooden toys from Kerry today that I have started to paint - will oil them to seal once they have dried.

Planted(!) our avocado stones.

Our trip to Asda was a very windy one, Tilda found a ladybird, we read the poem on the sculpture, then went and bought Haribo!

The poem reads;
Come all you people
Pause a while
And I will tell you a story.
A story of this enduring valley of ours
Of factories and flowers and furniture
Of lace, bobbins, planes and pencils
Of mines, railroads and canals
Of water and willows
Where Kingfishers and Herons dive
Where quiet flows the Erewash.

by Janet Devereux

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

So - what did we manage today?

We have very nearly completed our Mother's day cards, but not the accompanying book-mark presents - there's only so much waiting patiently Winnie can manage, although I have to say, she does rather well!

Had to go out to buy glitter glue for the cards and ribbon for the bookmarks - wasn't quite anticipating the downpour, but what's a bit of rain? Luckily I didn't melt! ;0)
This pic was about 30 seconds before it poured down,
And here we have my first Winnie back-wrap job. Not entirely awful, but she couldn't see much!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Plan for this week

So - spring being a time for change and all that - this week is going to see me sort out the kitchen. I don't know what we have in the cupboards and freezer, so think its about time we found out! I feel a laminator moment coming on... going to list everything in the freezer, so we actually use things up. Going to take charge of the flour / sugar situation, which frankly is getting silly and will rationalise the herbs and spices. Who really needs four jars of mint?
I'd also like to find the table again, under all the crap.

Tomorrow we will be making Mothering Sunday cards / presents and going for a trip to the post office.
Thursday has no major plan, but we might be following up on the kitchen tidying.
Friday will be an outdoor (weather dependant) ELEPhant art session at Tabi's.
Saturday / Sunday - gardening / geocaching, who knows? Hopefully will see Dave  at some point!

Got a new camera!

One that's better than my iphone yet not as cumbersome as the DSLR. Its a Samsung WB600 and we are liking it thus far! Had a bit of an excursion to buy a case for it (to Tesco). Tilda and I had chips in the coffee shop while Winnie slept in the sling. We later had to stop in the churchyard so W could have some boob. Tilda rather cunningly diverted me into the toy shop where we acquired two fairy finger-puppets and a Winnie the witch book. We managed to leave the toyshop purchases in the loo, then we realised we'd lost Tilda's coat, so there was much to-ing and fro-ing, requiring a rest in the council house grounds! Then it was home again for a puppet show!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Evie and Violet Willow

Today saw us at Evie's house for a playdate - they play really beautifully together so it was lovely to watch. Afterwards we went off to the park for a spot of treasure hunting.
We went on the hunt for another cache (GC2P87F) in West Park, by the Violet Willow tree. This involved me trying not to fall in the stream with Winnie wrapped on my front! The cache was quite large with lots of swaps - Tilda got a coloured pencil thingy and we left a rubber and some fake teeth!

Tilda ate the remainder of her lunch, had a go in the playground, then we went to HomeBargains on the way back to buy some bits and bobs for swaps. Bought a keyring, whoppee cushions and punchball-balloons.
Took a tired little girl with tired legs home, she has now recovered and is out in the garden!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Katherine's Birthday Party

Just got back from the Nut Hut where we had a lovely time at Katherine's party - three hours of running around like a looney - Tilda is now knackered and so am I even though I only watched!
Devena and Christina made a very good egg/dairy/soya free chocolate cake - went down very well!

We had a quick stop off at Asda to check out this week's geocache. (GC20N4E) pretty easy to find. Just a little one this time with only a film cannister and log - Tilda was most upset at the lack of swaps!

Oh Happy Day!

I've found dairy and soya free stock cubes!!!
For anyone not in the know, Winnie is allergic to dairy, egg, beef, soya to an extent and cats. As I am breastfeeding her and everything goes through my milk, I have had to cut these from my diet. Nightmare! Its pretty impossible to buy food without some combination of the above, so I am eating LOTS of fruit and salads - sesame, avocado, hummous, seeds etc. Baking our own bread every few days. Having a smoothie for breakfast most days, with chlorella (algae). Cutting out chocolate, crisps etc is having a positive effect on my waistline however and my jeans are a size smaller than the ones I had on a month ago, so it's good in that respect!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

A busy kind of Saturday...

where we did a lot, but didn't get a lot done. That makes no sense. We had a tester sling to try that we have been very impressed with, said goodbye to an old sling at the post office and bought sun-cream (probably our fault the weather has gone cold again).
Steve was able to book an eye appointment so can get new glasses. Hopefully he should be able to see properly for the first time since the exploding eyeball incident in October!
We went to asda and had a mooch around the garden centre, then a quick sling demo before tea - fajitas with home-made guacamole - yum!
Tilda only had one major strop - result!
We didn't get any planting done however, but it was really quite cold. What we do have though, is four avocado stones, so we will attempt to grow them, starting tomorrow.

Instructions for the avocado growing here.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Tilda's first attempt at solo spelling!

This morning she couldn't wait for me to help her write Katherine's card, so had a go by herself! It reads; To Af(Katherine), I Luf(love) U(you) with an upsides down exclamation mark!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Kitty brought us a present.

BIG fat pregnant mouse for tea!

Hello, good evening and welcome!

Welcome to our blog! Hopefully I shall remember to update regularly with pics (and not too many words) about what we have been up to as we bumble along.
Today has been a day for watching Toy Story, picking daffodils, setting up blogs, shopping, getting immunised, painting eggs, getting the all-clear on our dodgy eyeballs and lots of sunshine!
We have been dyeing the daffodils with food colouring and its pretty amazing to see how quickly they drink!
We've also had a very in depth conversation about the life cycle of butterflies on our way to Home Bargains!