Sunday, 5 June 2011

Back from Obscurity

So I've been more than a little slack. I have pictures from the last fortnight, but really can't seem to manage to get round to uploading them! We have bumbled along pretty much as usual. I do have a new pair of DMs - purple, shimmery and lovely!

We've bought ourselves a new, smaller tent to take away for weekends and such. It folds up pretty small and only weighs 16kg, so we should be able to fit everything in the car!
Tilda enjoyed the tent show as usual!

I don't think there's much else to note. Steve's eye has held up for a couple of weeks now so is doing well!
Today we went to Grampsy's for a magnificent dinner of roast lamb and a gazillion vegetables - we saw Great Grandma and Grandad beforehand. After dinner we had a walk around Grampsy's garden and then out into the village.