Monday, 3 October 2011

Another week's gone by already!

Time seems to be flying in the Cawser household - our lives seem to be busy and full at the moment, with lots of playdates, parties, trips to the river, library, shopping and so on.
The weather last week was incredibly hot - not something I'm fond of and am quite aggrieved that we aren't having cold, crisp autumnal mornings! I want to get wrapped up with hats and scarves and go for walks in the leaves instead of wearing summer gear and not being able to do anything because of the heat!  I finally got to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 on Saturday - just a few(!) months late. I saw it in 3d which I was really rather impressed with - it wasn't as extreme as I'd thought it would be from the trailers which were too much like hard work to watch.  I thought the flm was fantastic too. Tilda was impressed with the free 3d poster I got too!
On Sunday we went to Rowan's birthday party at which I may have hurt my back a bit on the bouncy castle whilst helping Winnie - I think that its destabilised it by wobbling in lots of direction at once, so I'm now a bit stranded for a while until its feeling stronger again. The last thing I want is for the disc to go again.
This morning we have made some weather symbols for our map of Great Britain. Tilda has taken a liking to watching the weather forecast so now she can do them herself! 
I have to say RIP to Nyree's dog Fern, who died this morning from Parvo, combined with old age. ((()))