Monday, 16 January 2012

Foxes? Pah! Who's scared? "Not I" said the cat.

Today was another BEAUTIFUL  day here. Cold, crisp. sunny and wonderful. So we went for a wander. We came across Kitty our elder cat, on the other side of the river and she seemed keen to lead an expedition, so we followed her! She wanted us to go sit on the railway track with her, but I had to draw a line somewhere! We went up along the old railway embankment where we saw three trains - one of which was pulling 35 containers of ballast! There were lots of trainspotters on the bridge which I was going to be sarcastic about, but then Steve looked at the photo I took of the train and recognised it as one he had been in to do measurements in the driver's cab!  He can also tell what class engine is running by the noise it makes. Ahem...  :D
Anyway, once off the embankment we walked along the side of it towards Asda. Kitty was still with us. We saw a fox sunbathing at the top and I was a bit worried about the cat - until she charged at the fox, that is! That cat knows no fear - very proud of her - the fox scarpered!

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