Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to start the day- mmmmmm Johnny Depp! Grampsy came over this afternoon and Tilda did some of her 'telling the time' book with him. We went to Asda where she picked up a Rapunzel book and had it read by the checkouts! This evening she made a rocket from paper and a LOT of sellotape, inspired by the rockets made at yesterday's fun club. They made aeroplanes, helicopters and did lots of running about. Winnie had a good time playing with the kitchen!
On Tuesday, Steve is going to take Tilda to the BBC Stargazing LIVE event at Wollaton Hall. Depending on if I can get Winnie to sleep in the daytime, we might tag along!
Tomorrow is the Nottingham Slingmeet, followed by McDonalds and a trip to Waterstones - rah!

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